Monkify your life without having to be a monk.

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Look within with Guided Meditations

Practise Positive Affirmations

See through the wisdom lens

Exclusively with Gaur Gopal Das

The Monkify Story

Our experience of peace and happiness is so much dependent on the state of our mind. When the mind is disturbed, the best facilities don’t mean anything to us, and when the mind is in our favour, even the simplest things seem to bring joy.

Monkify is my humble attempt to share the wisdom I have received over the years with all of you in the form of an app that will provide you with a wide range of offerings to boost your mental strength, immunity and wellness.

So are you ready?

Monkify your life without being a monk.

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What's in store?

Look at your life through the wisdom lens and gain perspective to deal with your daily issues, problems and challenges. Listen to positive affirmations and practice them yourself because what you tell yourself becomes your reality. Boost your spirit with motivational stories. Unwind and relax with immersive music and meditative exercises. Let go of the stress and anxieties of the day as our sleep tales transport you into the space of deep, relaxing sleep. De-stress yourself with fun filled activities. Practice journaling. Take up challenges. Colour Mandalas. Earn karma points and so much more. All exclusively only on Monkify.